Easy To Style Hairstyles for Short Hair

One of the reasons many may not want to cut their hair is because they feel it is boring and not feminine enough. But with the nature of certain jobs or other surrounding circumstances, many have resorted to wearing their hair short. Who says you can’t look daring and feminine even though you have your hair cut? There are so many ways you can style or even dye your hair to fit your personal style, personality or the occasion. If you are already rocking the short hair or considering cutting your hair, even if you are a black woman with the beautiful kinky hair, there is something for everyone. Check out these out.

  1. Stacked Bob with Lifted Crown

This style is interesting because it has a shorter back and the front is longer. The front part comes down as a Bob. This look manages to be sleek and classy and, at the same time, it is full and voluminous. The fullness of the front Bob is what gives this style its beauty. If you want to accentuate it further, you may decide to tint the edges with whatever colour you desire. Blonde and gold are usually popular colours but you can decide to use rarer colours; as far as it suits you, fashion is dynamic.

  1. Fluffy and Tinted Natural Frohawk

This is, especially a go-to short hairstyle if you are tired of rocking your afro and you desire to do something more daring. It is a style that stands you out in public, you can decide to have this cut fading out both sides and leaving the fuller part at the centre all the way to the back. The beauty of this for those with black hair is that they tint the tip of the hair with gold or blond. This brings out the two-layered beauty of it.

  1. Long and Full curls with Back High Fade

If your hair is curly and short, and you feel the desire to look more courageous, then this style is for you. The hairstyle contains the fluffy natural hair which is curly, or you can get it coiled out and then the high fade cut at the back of the head. This gives the front part a fuller look like your hair is stacked on top of your head. If you do not enjoy your hair dropping over your face or neck, this style is totally yours.

  1. The Long Pixie with Golden Blonde Balayage

This beautiful style is for those with early mornings who do not really have much time to spend styling their hair. If your hair is straight, you will totally appreciate his style. It is easy to manage and style with no extra tools or skills needed. All you need is a quick blow dry after bath and comb through, dropping the hair at both sides. You may decide to have the side-parted and combed down and you are good to go.

  1. Messy Razored Pixie Bob

Sometimes, it is cool and sexy to style your hair other from being smooth and silky smooth. In other words, you can say messy is good. If you have your bob cut and desire a fuller look, you can tease and tousle the edges making it look dishevelled but trust that this is stylish and you come off as someone who is free, fun and playful. It is always refreshing to see someone who doesn’t seem to bother so much about looking dishevelled; that is what makes this style special.

  1. Curled Ends Sleek Bob

This can be rocked on blondes and any colour of hair as long as the hair has been trimmed or cut into a Bob. This look is really smooth with light layers that can easily blend to give your hair a flattering shape. The uniqueness of this style is how it is curled at the tip, curving them in to avoid flipping them out. This forms a very cute feminine look.

  1. Jagged and angled layered Balayage Bob

You can be more creative with the cut and styling of your hair making you look sweet and courageous, it is a trendy and modern look. You cut your hair at an angle; it could also be shorter at the back and longer towards the front part, giving it irregular layers. Using the balayage techniques for a two-layered look, you then use a curling iron to smoothen out loose ends.

  1. Twisted Balayage Layers

One of the advantages of a bob or short hair is how creative one can get with it. This is a simple look to pull off giving you a modern look while accentuating the curls and waves. You get to master this by opting for an imperfect and, uneven texture by curling the hair randomly with a straightener. This looks fuller because the curls are irregular and carefree. You can rock this confidently.

  1. Inverted Bob with Elevated Crown

The hair at the back is cut shorter making the front Bob inverted. It gives off a fuller look, though having a neck-length bob especially if you want to display your neck tattoo, is also a cool idea. This look can be formal and beautifully rocked to any occasion.

  1. Short feathered hair with highlights

This is another simple way to wear your short hair. You can have the classy look when you add some highlights on the hair to give you a new look. Give your hair a quick tousle with a texturizing product to give it a smoother look.

  1. The Smooth Bob

This bob looks great on those with straight hair. Instead of having bangs, go for several layers in the front that drops as feathers towards the back. The back of the hair is cut straight in one layer and as the front meets the back, it is smoothened out; giving it a classy and formal look. This can be rocked to the office or any other place as well.

  1. Short Bob with Tapered Backside.

This style is daring and beautiful that will sit well on anyone with voluminous hair. It looks round like a bowl and drops over the tapered back cut. The front part is closely cropped at the tape of the neck and the feathers cover the ears completely. That is what gives it the bowl-like shape. You can rock this style freely because it is classy and chic.