How to apply make-up on dry skin

Applying make-up on a very good day can be quite tasking because we are in an age with a thirst for fashion and good looks. The struggle to look prim and proper with the perfect blend of make-up has been on for decades. This goes beyond just applying every product available on your face with no proper knowledge of how it is used. There is a thin line between applying a lovely make-up that everyone would admire and applying make-up that is unpleasant; not only is it embarrassing, but it will also definitely tamper with your confidence.


It is particularly challenging to apply flawless make-up on dry skin. Dry skin gives the make-up a rough look and no matter how professional the make-up artist is, it may not have the flawless look that is desired. This goes to show that it is not about the professionalism of the make-up artist, the products applied but the information at one’s fingertips. While it is challenging to make-up on dry skin, it is not impossible; you just have to equip yourself with the right tips.


  1. Scrub your face.

There are special facial scrubs made from natural products that can be beneficial for your skin. Scrubbing your face with any of those products helps get rid of any surface dead cell that might make your make-up look patched. You must, however, apply mildly, it is your face we are talking about here, so treat with special care. Don’t scrub roughly; focus more on the driest part of your face and rub it in, in a circular or regular pattern.

  1. Wash with warm water.

The temperature of the water you use to wash off the facial scrub is very important. And in a case where you don’t use a facial scrub, use a mild soap to wash your face thoroughly. Rinse very well with warm water to get rid of every bit of the scrub or soap from your face. Do not use extremely hot water so that it does not irritate your face; likewise, avoid using cold water to wash your face. It is advisable that the water temperature be room temperature.

  1. Apply moisturizer

The essence of applying moisturizer is to make the face smoother. You need to remember to apply it mildly so that the face doesn’t get too oily and spoil the make-up application. The essence of this moisturizer is to keep your face hydrated for the day. You need this as an everyday facial treatment routine if you have dry skin.

  1. Use primer

A primer, a gel-like substance that serves as a base for foundation, is needed to be applied on the dry part of the face. Usually, the sides of the nose and the ridge between the eyebrows seem to be the driest part of the face and they are most likely to form patches when you are done with your make-up. Apply it softly, especially at the driest parts of your face. You don’t need it excessively, just enough to be absorbed into the skin. You can also apply eye primer on the eyelids so that the eye make-up can stay and have a more flawless look, especially if the skin of your eyelid is dry too. The advantage of this is because your eyes may look irritated if the make-up is not properly blended into the lids. The primer will prevent your eye shadow from looking smeared and rough.

  1. Get the right foundation.

You may need to go an extra mile to ascertain that your foundation is suitable on dry skin. It is way better to go for liquid solutions as it balances well on your face after application. The primer is applied before the foundation and you want to avoid making the mistake of using your hands from this point. You should not use your fingers for the application of anything else. You should make use of brushes or blenders for the right application of your foundation since using your fingers may not be the most hygienic option for you. It is advisable to first put the foundation as little dots all over your face, don’t blend in immediately, get your blender, the egg shape blender, soak in water and squeeze out, then begin to blend in a bouncing motion, that bouncing motion is how the skin gets to absorb the foundation properly for that flawless look you desire.

  1. Don’t set with powder.

It may be normal for every other skin type to set their make up with powders. For those with oily skin, powders can look cakey on you. Go for something loftier like setting your make-up with a set spray. There are several companies selling the product, seek for professional help before you buy any product. You may decide to still use your powder to set your face, but do not overdo it as it does not look so wholesome at the end of the day. One advantage of the setting spray is that is can last for the whole day. It means irrespective of your dry skin, you can look good all day.

  1. Use a nice illuminator.

Make-up on dry skin types may not look as bright as others, that is why you need an illuminator to highlight the make-up; it will give it an overall brightness. Apply your cream or powder illuminator to the high points of the face, the cheeks, down the bridge of the nose and on your brow bone.

  1. Avoid Matte lipstick

When you have dry skin, most likely your lips might feel patched and dry too. If you must use matte lipstick, you should exfoliate your lips first. But overall, it is advisable to go for more oily lipsticks so your lips don’t look cracked.

  1. Don’t use a powder blush

Many people with dry skin still want to use a powder blush as part of the finishing on their face, this doesn’t sit well on a dry skinned face, so go for the oilier once instead.

  1. Use a hydrating mist.

When you feel like the skin is still dry even after all you have done, using a hydrating mist will melt any powder product into your skin and it will give you the soft, smooth and glowing appearance.