Cool hairstyles for kids in 2019

Everyone desires to look fashionable and to stand out always. The way one’s hair is styled goes a long way to leave a personal statement wherever we go. Kids, both girls and boys want to look trendy. Kids, these days, are very fashionable; they know the cool and unacceptable styles and they talk about these things. It is, therefore, important to boost your child’s self-confidence by making them look their best. And it is not enough to concentrate on their clothes, let them look great from head to toes. These styles work for every child irrespective of their personality, meaning, it is both for the calmer and more energetic children. For girls, especially, whose hair seems more like an asset and they want to style it in different cools ways every other week, if you are running out of styles, look no further, we would relieve you and give you variety of options. Even if your child’s hair is not so long, you do not need to worry as we will be considering some trendy and cool styles for kids in 2019, for both girls and boys. Give your child that cool look and watch them step out confidently. 

  1. Twisted braids

This is one of the most classic and common hairstyles in 2019 and it is one style that may never run out of fashion as it is easy to style into different other styles like ponytail, braids, cornrows or buns. You may decide to add some colourful hair ties, ribbon or scrunches which can be changed daily or as often as you like so far it suits the outfit that is being worn. With twisted braids, you will not have to worry about styling your daughter’s hair every day, you just need to oil it to avoid dryness and maybe use some hair spray to keep it looking shiny and renewed. This option is best for those whose hair is naturally dry, it will help lock in moisture and protect the hair from different factors.

  1. The braided bun

This is a very unique hairstyle as it can be made in different forms; it is easy to rock and does not come in the way of your active child’s activity. Some kids do not fancy their hair falling over their face every now and then, so this braided bun will be a perfect fit for her. It can be made as high bun, low bun, centre bun, a regular or straight bun and it can be spiralled or curved too. It can also be made in small or large cuts using beautify cornrow pattern to make the hair. It can serve for school and parties, your girl gets to look cool and sweet as well as serious and determined, with no hair disturbing her studying or distracting her from focusing. You can use different accessories to beautify the hair in case there is a need to make it look loud instead of just plain. You can use your girl’s natural hair to make it, it will come out just as pretty as it would if you used hair extension.

  1. Natural afro

This is one of the most daring hairstyles of the year. Do not mind anyone who thinks to flaunt your natural hair is not cool. Even if your hair is kinky, it is the best for an afro as there are many artificial afro hairs now, so, why not rock the natural ones first? The major issue with this style is that it could get in the way of your daughter’s comfort when the hair starts disturbing her face. This is solved by braiding the front part to get the hair out of the way and out of her face. It may also not be comfortable during very hot seasons, as it may get soaked with sweat and itchy. But again this can be solved if you decide to hold it away from the face with a band; this forms a canopy on the head while staying out of your face. The hairstyle can be rocked by both kids and adults. The style is dynamic because you can create several styles out of it, especially braids-outs or curls.

  1. Fishbone cornrows

This is most appropriate when your girl has natural hair, it is simple to make, daring and beautiful as you may decide to let the curls run free at the tip. You can divide into big segments to make a bun, maybe three or four in front and two cuts behind, then on each segment, you divide into two and braid each line facing each other, do same for all the segments and then you braid to the centre using the tips, it may give you, six, seven or each rows in all. If you decide to leave the coils to fly, you just need to oil it from time to time and oil the scalp to keep looking fresh and renewed; otherwise, it is an easy hair to maintain.  

  1. The braided space bun

If there is any style that reminds us of childhood, it is the spaced or parted bun. It can be styled by dividing the hair into two ponytails. If your girl has full and long hair, you can just braid it and roll it into a bun, if the hair is not so long and full, you might have to make a bun for her and attach it. This is easy to make. Some might decide to put some gel to make it stay and last longer but then some believe using gel is not so cool. Either way, when the hair has enough moisture, by oiling and creaming it well before packing it, there really is no need for gel. Your girl can rock it to school, for parties and any other formal occasion.


We have been checking out cool styles for girls; let us consider some for boys too. Just as the girls want to look cool and classy with their beautiful hairdo, so does the boys, they too want to look cool in their handsome haircuts.

  1. Big natural afro.

This is one of the simplest hairstyles especially if your son has the thick, full hair. However, this is no excuse to look rough and unkempt as this can be neatly kept and highly maintained. The front of the hair can be carved out neatly to amplify the afro and give your boy a clean look. It should be washed and moisturized as that is what brings out the beauty. The advantage of keeping an afro is that it can be styled into several other styles if your boy thinks he needs some air on his head.

  1. Buzzcut with fade

If your child does not want to keep long hair, if he wants to keep a simple but cool style, you can give him the short buzz with the fade at both sides, cut the hair as low as possible to allow the faded sides to be obvious. Fading seems trendy for both young boys and adults. What makes this standout is the carvings at the faded front part, you can decide to carve a V-shape or half-moon in front to bring out his face and give him a sharp, clean look.

  1. High fade with a shaved line

The sweetness of this style is the fact that you can leave any amount of hair on top of your head. If you used to have an afro and want to try a new look, this is a perfect look for it, you get to retain a bulk of your hair and fade out the rest of it. The uniqueness of this cut is that the hair starts to fade after the line. The straight line is shaved cleanly and then right after to both sides, it begins to fade, the carved sides bring out the beauty. Many adult men rock this style and young boys too can.

  1. Frohawk with hair design

This is quite similar to the one before, the difference is that there are no clean-shaven lines after the afro; the hair simply fades to the sides. The centrepiece is full from front to the back and then any kind of pattern can be carved by the sides. Some kids might decide to leave it with no design at the sides but if they want to look more daring, they may agree to have some pattern carved at the faded sides of the hair. Of course, the front part should be neatly carved out to bring out their face boldly and neatly.